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Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is to participate in the vision the player has for him/herself as a golfer and what they want to achieve with their goals. Throughout the learning process, I don’t like to lose sight of the fact that golf is a game for leisure and fun.

Whether it is a junior golfer looking to make it onto their college golf team or further to the European or Challenge tour, the weekend golfer aiming to lower his handicap, or the newcomer just trying to get the ball to take flight, my goal is to help players of all levels to improve and have fun in the process of playing golf.

Before the coaching process starts, I need to become the student to learn what the clients main objective is and what motivates them to improve. Once I learn this I am on a mission to help him achieve that objective through long and short term goals. I establish the type of learner they are and put it at the forefront of my approach.

I then make a plan to help the player find his way to a better game in a simple and fun way with a logical manner. I ask my players for feedback all the time in order to improve my coaching skills. A successful coach is a great listener and learner.

Feedback from clients is my most powerful tool. A player once noted the focus I pay whilst giving a lesson. He commented that it made him feel both important and encouraged to progress. This puts a smile on my face, and it’s the same feeling I want my client to have when they follow through on their objective and get to show off their skills on the course.

My students teach me how to teach them.

Lessons ONE-TO-ONE


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I’m always looking to have the latest and most innovative technology at our disposal to help my players to play better golf. I have taken this to the next level with the recent addition of MySwing Pro 3D.


MySwing Pro is the state of the art, 3D system that analyses and stores full-body motion capture. The completely wireless 17 sensor system allows me to suit up a player within minutes and analyze the speeds, velocities, and angles of every body part during a golf swing. The feedback received from the MySwing 3D is unmatched in any other technology.


3D allows me to capture data that 2D can simply not tell us. Any issues can be pinpointed straight away which saves both the player and coach valuable time. 3D data can then be linked to 2D video and Flightscope ball flight information. This approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in the search for better golf.

This assessment takes one hour and half.



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30 minutes covering any aspect of the game. FlightScope X3 will compliment the lesson giving you a greater understanding of your game.



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Private lessons for juniors ages 4-17, Half-hour lesson. Each session is tailored to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Specific drills and equipment will be used during each lesson. From beginners to advanced level junior golfers, private lessons will help focus on parts of the game that frustrate us.



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60 minutes covering any aspect of the game. FlightScope X3 will compliment the lesson giving you a greater understanding of your game.


Lessons Packages


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Assessment lessons 45 minutes & 2 x 30 minutes lessons 



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Assessment lessons 45 minutes & 4 x 30 minutes lessons (Best value package)



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3 x 30 minutes lessons



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Distance chart session using the lastest technology Flightscope X3 1Hr 




Dublin: Spawell Golf Academy
Waterford: Newtown Driving Range
Meruelo: Practice Range

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