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the bundle reload


Lasting results and success require more than a simple tip or quick fix. every player we work with receives a clearly defined progressive improvement programme to facilitate long term results.

Why the bundle reload?

Sergio is a Performance Golf Coach who addresses all the variables that contribute to success on the golf course for each player. The bundle reload is a comprehensive journey which will allow all levels of golfers better to understand their swing and game. The bundle reload is recommended for all levels of golfer, including professionals and is tailored to each player on foot of their individualised assessment.




The start of our working relationship begins at the first session. It is here that we establish the goals you have for your game, and any particular issues that you have been bothered by. We will go through a questionnaire that helps to highlight the areas you want to focus on. This allows a tailored approach from the very beginning.


The assessment includes and analysis of each individual golfer’s biomechanics and how their body is intended to swing. The BioMetrix Assessment tells us key elements about the probabilities of how the body will move naturally and comfortably through the golf swing.

Ball & Club Data

We collect club and ball data, using our Flightscope launch monitor system, which helps us to remove the guesswork of what the club is doing through impact and shows us exactly how the ball responds when in flight.

Video & Ground Reaction

While the golfer is hitting shots we also collect vital data on our Swing Catalyst system which is synchronized to high-speed video of the swing. Together this gives us an in-depth understanding of precisely how the player is producing their ground reaction forces and when those forces are being applied during the swing.

Plan of Action

Immediately following the collection of your golf swing data, we will discuss the analysis and information with you. This will help you understand what you need to focus on, and how to best improve your game and practice sessions.


Performance Program To Work After Lesson

To help you reach your goals, From the information we have collected, we will build your personalized practice drills using GamyPlan.

time frame

The assessment, covering all of the above, lasts 90 minutes and we would then book your next session 3 weeks after for follow up session.

exclusive access THAT IS Included:
  • Access to the Golf Coach app. This includes online support 24/7 to help your progress by allowing you to send videos of your swing with a personalised assessment and reply being sent back within 24hrs.
  • A tailored programme specific to each player. This programme will be developed following a personal consultation as well as being based upon the outcome from previous assessments or past bundles.
  • Weekly check in with Sergio and his team by telephone.
  • Availability to come to a mid-week wedge or putting clinic at cost of €45.
  • Priority booking 2 weeks before the booking system comes live. (Booking will open 3 weeks in advance which means you now have the ability to pick a time that’s more suitable for you before it opens to the public.)
  • After session video replay of each lesson.
  • Access to our new online drill centre (coming 1 August 2022).
  • Use of the latest technology including 3D systems to help us assess your swing as well as motion capture during your session if needed.
  • Access to the studio for your own practice session using Flightscope and swing catalyst video at a reduced rate of €45 for 50 minutes (normally €65) (T&C).
Terms and Conditions of the bundle reload:
      • The bundle must be used within 16 weeks from the first session. Once 16 weeks have passed from the first lesson you will no longer be able to avail of the VIP Access Package benefits. You will be given the remaining, unused bundle amount as credit. This can be used towards further lessons for a period of 5 years from the time of bundle purchase however such lessons will be charged at the full standard/individual lesson rate.
      • Bundles can be placed on hold if you provide medical certification from your GP.
      • Prior to starting, bundle packages will need to have a separate assessment lesson carried out for any player who hasn’t received a lesson since 1st September 2021 to 1st June 2022 ( This Will end on the 1st of July) or had a full 3D assessment carried out within the last 6 weeks.
      • Bundles cannot be redeemed in 90 minute sessions.
      • 48 hr cancellation policy applies.
      • Vouchers that have been purchased prior to 1st June 2022 cannot be used to purchase bundles as a discount price has be given to such vouchers.
      • Access to the studio deal is mid-week from 10am to 4pm. Balls are not included.
      • Balls are not included in bundle or one-to-one lesson at the Spawell Golf Academy.

      New players or players who haven’t been for a session with Sergio from 1st September 2021 to 1st of June 2022 (this will end on the 1st July  2022 – will need to buy the 90 minutes BioMetrix Assessment as well as the 4 x 60 minutes bundle = €420


      Any player who has had a full assessment in the last 6 weeks or is a returning player can purchase the bundle at: 4 x 60 minutes = €320

      We Offer The Best Coaching Environment In Ireland


      Putting is a crucial component of the game of golf but is often overlooked when it comes to practice and as a way to lower your scores. If you are looking to make significant improvements in your putting, the best way to start is by undergoing a comprehensive assessment of your starting point. This involves looking at what is happening during your putting stroke as well as at impact. To do this we use motion capture technology to ensure every component of your swing can be measured and analysed.

      When we look at the techniques of the best putters in the world they will often have swings that look visually quite different. However, underlying all of these swings there will be certain essential principles that are common across all golfers (as well as some traits that are preferable but not essential). Without exception these golfers will all have mastered the ability to control both distance and direction with extreme precision. We will demonstrate these essential principles to you and help you to incorporate them into your own putting stroke so that you can start seeing immediate improvement on the course and on your scorecard.

      Another important aspect to anyone’s game is around the green. An ability to get up and down from close range gives any golfer a significant advantage on the course. As with the approach to putting, we begin the short game teaching by assessing your swing using motion capture as well as a launch monitor. We will also spend some time discussing your philosophy or approach when it comes to the short game and get a feel for how you like to approach different shots when out on the course. Once this is done we can set to work helping you lower your scores with an improved short game.


      The golf swing can seem complex and involves lots of moving parts that must be well coordinated in order to succeed. It is also important to understand however that there is no ideal golf swing and everyone will have unique patterns to their golf swing that must first be understood before making improvements. With our BioMetrix assessment we can map out your unique starting point. This allows us to create a blueprint to guide you towards an improved swing by maximising all of the good habits that already exist in your natural swing as well as creating an awareness of the areas that may be causing you problems. Once an understanding of your swing is achieved the entire swing process will seem much less complex and you will be in a better position to implement positive changes, with our help. We strongly recommend that all golfers undergo a full assessment, which includes looking in detail at your body movements and flexibility patterns, prior to starting any work on the full swing.

      Not sure where to start 

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      Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT 1-1 LESSONS & bundle reload?


      Why a Performance coach and not a coach?
      Performance coaching is about helping people to achieve their very best. It’s particularly useful for long-term golf planning, for making changes to performance or behavior, and for dealing with major setbacks.
      How often should I have lessons with the bundle reload package ?

      The bundle must be used within 16 weeks from the first session to help you achieve your golas set out from the 90 minutes assessment.


      what happens if i don't complete the bundle ?
      You will be given the remaining, unused bundle amount as credit. This can be used towards further lessons for a period of 5 years from the time of bundle purchase however such lessons will be charged at the full standard/individual lesson rate and cant be used towards a new bundle.


      * Bundles can be placed on hold if you provide medical certification from your GP. 


      Sergio coaches men, women and juniors of all levels.

      What duration would you suggest for a single lesson if i don't want to purchase a bundle?
      We recommend a 90 minutes, as it gives more time when working with the launch monitor video and 3D data. If you like afterwards to purchase a bundle you can so at a cost of €320.
      Do you teach a method?
      No. We coach each golfer as an individual, working with how they naturally move. You can’t have a “one fits all” approach with golf, we are all built differently and require different things from our game.
      Can i buy a SINGLE GOLF lesson FOR A gift?

      Sergio still offers a 1-1 lessons, but we recommend you to purchase the bundle package, this allows players to reach there goals on a comprehensive journey to better golf.

      Bundle package can be purchase on the online store.


      Vouchers that have been purchased prior to 1st June 2022 cannot be used to purchase bundle reload, as a discount price has be given to such vouchers.


      Tess O'Neill
      Have had two lessons so far with Sergio and have noticed a huge improvement in my game. Sergio is fantastic at explaining issues, why they are happening and how to make the changes to fix them. Very impressive set-up in Spawell, lovely teaching manner and will be returning for future lessons.
      Barry McCarthy
      Really enjoyed the lesson with Sergio. It was simple but really effective, explained and demonstrated with a process that was easy to follow and understand. Looking forward to the next session.
      Conor Moloney
      I've worked with Sergio throughout the winter and some lessons last year too. He really helped me understand the swing better, and how certain habits and patterns I have can cause my typical bad shots. It has lead to significant improvements in my game with my handicap dropping. The video analysis also allows me to have checkpoints between lessons, which really helps keep me on track. Highly recommended
      John Farrell
      Sergio is a terrific coach, mixing tech with an approachable coaching style. When I was struggling to understand an exercise he simply replaced it with one I could easily understand. Made a big improvement in my handicap - that lasted !
      Neil O'Morain
      As a beginner I learned some very useful tips to improve my swing. Sergio was patient and explained things clearly. The 3D swing assessment helped me understand the mistakes I was making and how to reposition my body and posture. I would highly recommend a session with Sergio.
      Frank Mitchell
      A great coach. Very thorough analysis during lessons and great follow through via the golf coach app between lessons. Would definitely recommend for anyone serious about getting better.
      Jack Higgins
      I would highly recommend Sergio. I have had 4 lessons now and I have seen major improvement in terms of consistency. He also has all the equipment in his studio to analyse your swing. The lessons are really enjoyable.
      John McAlister
      Had a 60minute session with Sergio back in October which was excellent. I'm a little bit more than a beginner. He identified flaws in my swing and gave me some exercises to stablise it. The recommendations that he gave have taken time to re-establish a new swing that doesn't feel overly mechanic but the ball is definitely going a lot straighter. Thanks Sergio! Once I've reached the stage in my competency I intend to see him again.


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