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New High Tech Studio For All Levels Of Golfers

Swing Lab

In August 2020 Ireland’s newest high tech golf studio was built in the Spawell Golf Academy Dublin. The studio boasts seamless integration of the newest golfing software and technology such as swing catalyst plates to bring an added dimension to lessons for golfers of all abilities.

The Studio benefits from the opportunity to offer both indoor and outdoor coaching all year around. With everything from MySwing Pro 3D, CAPTO Putting and HackMotion at our disposal all aspects of the game are covered. Flighscope launch monitor is also available for all lessons. This provides information on both golf club and golf ball data which is absolutely imperative during all our coaching sessions. In addition we have the E6 software that allows for golf course simulation, nearest to the pin competitions and skills tests which will be coming soon as an event this winter 2020/2021.

From a coaching perspective we have two high definition ultra-slow motion cameras which are used to analyze the body and golf club during the golf swing via our high tech video analysis software by swing catalyst. This is then shown on our wide screen TVs in the studio. The swing catalyst system is synchronized with our launch monitor and pressure plates so the golf swing can be analyzed from all angles. This includes pressure data, golf club data and golf ball data which allows an individual insight into a players game before deciding the best swing changes to make for them. In addition to this, we also have the capability to offer indoor putting lessons.

Putting Lab

The Putting Lab is the perfect indoor facility to improve your putting. We use cutting edge CAPTO putting technology to measure all parameters of your stroke, providing precision data to use during your coaching session. In order to provide visual feedback to golfers we use high speed cameras during all coaching. Footage can then be reviewed on one of the wide screen TVs that we have around the room.

 It’s now time to Improve your putting,  In the same way that the angles created during the golf swing impact on the outcome of a golf shot, the angles created during putting will dictate the outcome of your putt. 

We all have individual putting traits but there are a number of constants that should be seen in all good putting strokes. If the individual’s putter is not square at impact, it can also immediately misdirect the ball off line. With all the latest technology available we can help you improve your putting stoke and get you sinking more putts!

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