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Why Work With sERGIO ?


Sergio’s dedicated Dublin golf studio is the only place in Ireland where golfers can avail of the leading Golf Biomechanics expertise and technology service. The 3D Golf Biomechanics assessment focuses on identifying how your body is being utilized in the golf swing. It includes a physical assessment to evaluate the quantity and quality of your joint and body segments movement, motor control patterns and neuromuscular functions. This is followed up by our comprehensive 3D golf swing analysis using several clubs throughout the bag. The data collected allows us to identify the relationship between your body and your golf swing to pinpoint the most efficient way to use your body to prevent injuries, recover from existing injuries and enhance performance.


gOLF Assessments

If you don’t need the full package of services but are interested in a 3D Golf Assessment, this can be facilitated as a separate service. 

We offer Full swing, Short Game and Putting utilising the new Bull3D Viper system. It is a state-of the-art 8-sensor biomechanics analysis system that evaluates the characteristics of your golf swing in 960 hz which may not be done on video. We utilise this technology to determine how much rotation you create with your upper and lower body; how much speed you create with your body segments; and the sequence in which you wind and unwind your body during the golf swing (Kinematic Sequence that will evaluate your Mobility, Stability, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power, as they relate to your golf swing. 


During the initial interview, we begin with identifying specific issues affecting your game. We use a detailed questionnaire, designed to allow us to zero in on areas of your game that need attention and use it to build a bespoke, tailored programme of improvement.

RAPID Golf Medical and TPI Screening

Before we start with the collection of golf swing data, our Physiothrap will take you through a series of medical tests that will evaluate your Mobility, Stability, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power, as they relate to your golf swing. This allows us to build a program to help overcome swing compensations that might be a result of physical challenges helping you play better and without pain.

BioMetrix Golf Assessment

This analysis of the individual’s biomechanics allows us to determine the most natural and comfortable way to swing a golf club.

Video Analysis Assessment

Using a high-speed video, we capture of the golfer’s swing from 4 different angles (down the line, face on, behind and on top of the player) to give us an insight into the body angles during the swing

3D Golf Analysis Assessment

We utilize the Bull3D system. It is a state-of-the-art 6-sensor biomechanics analysis system that evaluates the characteristics of your golf swing which cannot be identified through the use of video. We utilise this technology to determine the amount of rotation created with the upper and lower body; the amount of speed created with the individual body segments; and the sequence in which the body winds and unwinds during the golf swing (Kinematic Sequence that will evaluate your Mobility, Stability, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power, as they relate to your golf swing). This allows us to build a program to help overcome swing compensations that might be a result of physical challenges. This will help you play better and with more confidence.

Ground Force Reaction Assessment

During the 3D analysis we also capture data on our Swing Catalyst plate system which is synchronized with high-speed video. This allows us a better understanding of the player’s ground reaction forces and sequencing.

Flightscope Ball & Club Assessment

Using the Flightscope launch monitor system we collect club and ball data. It allows us to capture the exact movement of the club through impact as well as the flight of the ball to use in conjunction with the 3D data and Ground Force analyses.

data review

Immediately following the collection of data we review the information with you and set out a plan of action.

* From 1st of Novemebr A full written report is available at request for an additional fee. 

Golf Performance Program To Work After ASSESSMENT

Using the information collected during the assessment, Sergio will build a personalised practice programme using GamyPlan, which will help you reach your goals.


Following your 6 weeks check-up, you will have access to sign up to the reload bundle for €300. More information can be found under the reload bundle icon on top of the home page.

In August 2020

Ireland’s newest high tech golf studio was built in the Spawell Golf Academy Dublin Ireland. The studio boasts seamless integration of the newest golfing software and technology such as swing catalyst plates to bring an added dimension to lessons for golfers of all abilities.



The Dublin golf studio benefits from the opportunity to offer both indoor and outdoor coaching all year around. With everything from MySwing Pro 3D, CAPTO Putting and HackMotion at our disposal all aspects of the game are covered. Flighscope launch monitor is also available for all lessons. This provides information on both golf club and golf ball data which is absolutely imperative during all our coaching sessions. In addition we have the E6 software that allows for golf course simulation, nearest to the pin competitions and skills tests which will be coming soon as an event this winter 2021/2022.

From a coaching perspective we have two high definition ultra-slow motion cameras which are used to analyze the body and golf club during the golf swing via our high tech video analysis software by swing catalyst. This is then shown on our wide screen TVs in the studio. The swing catalyst system is synchronized with our launch monitor and pressure plates so the golf swing can be analyzed from all angles. This includes pressure data, golf club data and golf ball data which allows an individual insight into a players game before deciding the best swing changes to make for them. In addition to this, we also have the capability to offer indoor putting lessons.

What Is Golf Biomechanics

Golf Biomechanics is the analysis of human motion using the principles of physics and physiology. A deep understanding of biomechanics allows for increased sport performance while decreasing the potential for an injury. Analysing and understanding how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement is key to appreciating subtle differences in the golf swing and minimizing injuries whilst enhancing performance. The golf swing is a complex movement, influenced by anatomy, physiology and psychology. Golf Biomechanics can maximize the distance and accuracy of your shots. Sergio’s niche is translating the research and raw data into an understandable form for the golfer.

what is Motion Capture

Motion capture is a critical tool to get accurate data on what the body is doing in the golf swing and a piece of technology that’s helping biomechanists do better research and golf coaches make better informed decisions.


What is Kinematic Sequence?

In all sports, there is a sequence of motion that maximizes performance better than any other – a golden sequence that all the great players in that sport adhere to, which is known as the Kinematic Sequence. This help us to see how efficiently energy is transferred from the proximal, strong muscles (the hips and the pelvis area) to the smaller extremities  (muscles of the wrist and the hands).

What Is Ground Reaction Force?

Ground Reaction Force is the force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it. When you are moving in the golf swing, you have to push on the ground and the ground pushes back on you in the opposite direction. This causes your body to move.

The two main torques in the golf swing are;

Frontal Plane Torque
Horizontal Plane Torque
The three forces that that we look at are

Horizontal (left to right – lateral)
Vertical force.

How efficient you are with these movements will have a positive/negative effect on your quality of strike/ Clubhead speed/ Power/ Efficiency and ultimately enjoyment in the game.

Injury Free!

Although golf is a low impact sport, it’s associated with several injuries. Many golfing related injuries are a result of poor mechanics or overuse. The most commonly injured area is the lower back (lumbar). Other areas liable to injury are the wrist, hand, and shoulder. This is why we need to look at what other body segments are being overworked.

3D golf Assessment Service


We offer Full swing, Short Game and Putting utilize the new Viper Bull3D system. It is a state-of the-art 8-sensor biomechanics analysis system that evaluates the characteristics of your golf swing in 960 hz which may not be done on video. We utilize this technology to determine how much rotation you create with your upper and lower body; how much speed you create with your body segments; and the sequence in which you wind and unwind your body during the golf swing (Kinematic Sequence that will evaluate your Mobility, Stability, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power, as they relate to your golf swing. A personalized report will be compiled following your 3D Assessment and emailed to you.



If you don’t need the full package of services but are interested in a 3D Golf Assessment, this can be facilitated as a separate service.


Do You Want Sergio To Visit Your Facility?

We have the capability to bring our systems to your facility. There are many possible options that can be completely customized so that you receive the experience you would like for you or your clients.






Technology We Use & Work With

Technological improvements over the last decade have revolutionized our understanding of the golf swing and in turn changed the way we teach golf. Sergio believes that, when used in the correct manner, equipment such as 3DBull Viper, Flightscope X3, Hackmotion, My Swing Pro 3D and Swing Catalyst plates & software can provide invaluable feedback to golfers of all abilities


The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate adds an important dimension to golf instruction. It provides the instructor with critical information that will lead to a better understanding of the golf swing.

The Balance Plate, consisting of more than 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors, provides detailed foot pressure data, accurate pressure distribution, real time center of pressure (CoP) and CoP patterns.

All are elements that cannot be determined by the best trained eye or even expensive high-speed cameras.

The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images as well as data from the most popular ball/club tracking devices.

  • Pressure distribution
  • Centre of Pressure (CoP)
  • Detailed foot pressure distribution
  • CoP patterns
  • Video synchronization

The golf swing is a three-dimensional movement, and not even the club itself remains in a single plane throughout the swing. We use Bull3D Motion to capture the player in three-dimensional movement. 

The new Bull 3D System,Viper is one of the best technology, its tracks in realtime at a staggering 960 hz with a latency of 1ms making it exceptionally, fast, accurate and precise allowing for the most advanced motion tracking available. Viper truly is the most expansive and innovative motion capture system allowing for sensational levels of precision in understanding human movement and performance within the golf swing.

Using the latest 3D motion capture hardware alongside the innovative Bull3D software, we are able to track and provide accurate movement and location of the head, neck, ribcage, pelvis, shoulders, arms, wrists and club through space.

This allows us to explore and understand the ranges joints move through,  how segments interact alongside how their control as they rotate, the forces, torques and accelerations being produce to establish why segments move the way they do. Alongside this, we can also track in realtime the full 3D movement of the club allowing for accurate tracking of areas such as club face rotation, attack angle, path, lean, rate of rotation etc through the entire swing, not just at impact. In addition, intrinsic movements such as segment interaction, timing sequences, muscle activity such as stretch shortening cycles allowing for highly precise connection and correlation to be made between anatomically how the golfer is moving as well as how they concepts and swing perceptions are influencing how they are moving and performing.



Technology has taken sport to a level of competition that is unlike anything seen before. More accurate sports measurement systems have resulted in improvements in many aspects of all sports – not only for players, but for spectators too. One such technological advent is that of 3D ball tracking. This is great for golfers, who are looking for a ball tracking monitor or 3D golf radar and a method of golf swing analysis that provides genuinely useful feedback. If you’ve been wondering how a 3D Doppler tracking golf radar works to enhance your game, wonder no more!

The secret of FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking success lies in the patented phased array tracking technology that is used in the device. The two main technological aspects of the FlightScope 3D motion tracking device are its radar technology (very similar to that which is used in the military), and its advanced industrial electronics. So what does this mean for you in a practical sense? Well, it means you have access to a level of ball measurement and ball tracking that is difficult to beat.

How does the 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar work?

FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking devices and golf launch monitors can measure a number of variables related to golf balls.

These include:

  • Real time tracking
  • Ball speed
  • Both vertical and horizontal launch angles
  • Sidespin
  • Backspin


How does 3D Doppler Tracking Radar work with golf clubs?

FlightScope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring variables related to your golf club, such as:

  • Club head speed
  • Club attack angle
  • Club path
  • Club face angle
  • Dynamic loft

The ball’s trajectory after it has been launched is also tracked, which means you have exceptionally comprehensive ball measurement information instantly available, aiding you in your ongoing quest to improve your golf swing. It is also printable for later analysis.

The FlightScope 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar was the official 3D motion tracking device at the 2008 PGA Fall Expo, which just goes to show that this ball tracking monitor is a master of its game. By using it, you could be a master of yours by accurately developing that perfect golf swing.

Choose the best golf tracking system with the best golf tracking software available by investing in FlightScope for your personal use, retail store, or golf sales representative. The unprecedented 3D Doppler golf ball tracking is sure to impress yourself and anyone who has the chance to use it.



This is a sensor system that measures your wrist angles in 3D and is designed for both full swing and short game including putting.

It helps the coach analyse each swing with frame by frame replay of the 3D hand model during the swing.

This fantastic piece of equipment can help all coaches by providing biofeedback to the players to teach the correct release and transition from flexion to extension at top of swing and at impact.


MySwing Pro is a state of the art, 3D system that analyses and stores full-body motion capture. The 3D software provides actual measurements for rotations, tilts, angles, kinematic sequence and more. Through the motion-capture technology, I’m able to analyze students’ body movements throughout the entire golf swing. MySwing is unique in that it gets rid of cameras and can be used both indoors or on the practice tee.

Perhaps the most powerful element of the MySwing software is “training mode”, which lets you reinforce the right movements with instantaneous biofeedback. It is used by Professional Golf coaches for precise screens and better teaching. This technology allows the Professional Golf Coach to track the progress of the student and assists in further learning after coaching.


CAPTO is a putting analysis system composed of high accuracy sensors and associated software. CAPTO offers analysis in real time, indoor, outdoor, and in real game conditions.

CAPTO measures over 30 parameters.

Sergio has advanced CAPTO putting certification to help you process the information provided. CAPTO leaves no room for guessing and provides the framework for better putting.



NFCE Scan is a motion analysis scan. It is radiation and magnetism free. It scan the spine, pelvis, legs and feet both statically and in motion to find the root cause of an injury. The scans use Photogrammetry and Triangulation to assess patterns of movement and strain occurring in the spine, pelvis, legs and feet.



Tess O'Neill
Have had two lessons so far with Sergio and have noticed a huge improvement in my game. Sergio is fantastic at explaining issues, why they are happening and how to make the changes to fix them. Very impressive set-up in Spawell, lovely teaching manner and will be returning for future lessons.
Barry McCarthy
Really enjoyed the lesson with Sergio. It was simple but really effective, explained and demonstrated with a process that was easy to follow and understand. Looking forward to the next session.
Conor Moloney
I've worked with Sergio throughout the winter and some lessons last year too. He really helped me understand the swing better, and how certain habits and patterns I have can cause my typical bad shots. It has lead to significant improvements in my game with my handicap dropping. The video analysis also allows me to have checkpoints between lessons, which really helps keep me on track. Highly recommended
John Farrell
Sergio is a terrific coach, mixing tech with an approachable coaching style. When I was struggling to understand an exercise he simply replaced it with one I could easily understand. Made a big improvement in my handicap - that lasted !
Neil O'Morain
As a beginner I learned some very useful tips to improve my swing. Sergio was patient and explained things clearly. The 3D swing assessment helped me understand the mistakes I was making and how to reposition my body and posture. I would highly recommend a session with Sergio.
Frank Mitchell
A great coach. Very thorough analysis during lessons and great follow through via the golf coach app between lessons. Would definitely recommend for anyone serious about getting better.
Jack Higgins
I would highly recommend Sergio. I have had 4 lessons now and I have seen major improvement in terms of consistency. He also has all the equipment in his studio to analyse your swing. The lessons are really enjoyable.
John McAlister
Had a 60minute session with Sergio back in October which was excellent. I'm a little bit more than a beginner. He identified flaws in my swing and gave me some exercises to stablise it. The recommendations that he gave have taken time to re-establish a new swing that doesn't feel overly mechanic but the ball is definitely going a lot straighter. Thanks Sergio! Once I've reached the stage in my competency I intend to see him again.


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