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Sergio is an Accredited PGA Professional and is uniquely equipped to provide a bespoke service to his professional, elite and your everyday amateur clients. His in-depth knowledge of the application of biomechanics principles coupled with a carefully selected array of equipment and software allows his clients to reap the benefits of a performance oriented coach. The use of High Tech, 3D equipment helps Sergio provide real time, factual information to his clients about posture, motion and performance in the golf swing. This allows golfers of all levels who are troubled with injuries and the impact of a sedentary lifestyle adapt their posture and movements to optimize their game. Sergio will analyze your swing, optimize your movement, and empower you to play better golf. Providing facts allows you to find and forge your own path.


Click here to find out how Sergio has developed his expertise, and his niche form of golf coaching. Starting from his time in Pedrena in Spain, becoming accredited with the PGA, and applying his skills in golf coaching.


The field of Golf Biomechanics is a rapidly developing area, that Sergio applies to his golf coaching methods to achieve lasting results.

To learn more about the application of Biomechanics and the assessements that Sergio carries out please click here.

the bundle reload

Sergio is a Performance Golf Coach who addresses all the variables that contribute to success on the golf course for each player. The bundle reload is a comprehensive journey which will allow levels of golfers better to understand their swing and game. The bundle reload is recommended for all levels of golfers, including professionals and is tailored to each player on foot of their individualized assessment.

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Tess O'Neill
Have had two lessons so far with Sergio and have noticed a huge improvement in my game. Sergio is fantastic at explaining issues, why they are happening and how to make the changes to fix them. Very impressive set-up in Spawell, lovely teaching manner and will be returning for future lessons.
Barry McCarthy
Really enjoyed the lesson with Sergio. It was simple but really effective, explained and demonstrated with a process that was easy to follow and understand. Looking forward to the next session.
Conor Moloney
I've worked with Sergio throughout the winter and some lessons last year too. He really helped me understand the swing better, and how certain habits and patterns I have can cause my typical bad shots. It has lead to significant improvements in my game with my handicap dropping. The video analysis also allows me to have checkpoints between lessons, which really helps keep me on track. Highly recommended
John Farrell
Sergio is a terrific coach, mixing tech with an approachable coaching style. When I was struggling to understand an exercise he simply replaced it with one I could easily understand. Made a big improvement in my handicap - that lasted !
Neil O'Morain
As a beginner I learned some very useful tips to improve my swing. Sergio was patient and explained things clearly. The 3D swing assessment helped me understand the mistakes I was making and how to reposition my body and posture. I would highly recommend a session with Sergio.
Frank Mitchell
A great coach. Very thorough analysis during lessons and great follow through via the golf coach app between lessons. Would definitely recommend for anyone serious about getting better.
Jack Higgins
I would highly recommend Sergio. I have had 4 lessons now and I have seen major improvement in terms of consistency. He also has all the equipment in his studio to analyse your swing. The lessons are really enjoyable.
John McAlister
Had a 60minute session with Sergio back in October which was excellent. I'm a little bit more than a beginner. He identified flaws in my swing and gave me some exercises to stablise it. The recommendations that he gave have taken time to re-establish a new swing that doesn't feel overly mechanic but the ball is definitely going a lot straighter. Thanks Sergio! Once I've reached the stage in my competency I intend to see him again.



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+353 (0) 87 468 8768