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after school & weekend golf PROGRAM


Our golf PROGRAM is designed to allow CHILDREN to have fun and incentivise PRACTICing.


There are many benefits to learning golf at a young age, including building better coordination, stronger mental fortitude, and good exercise discipline. Younger golfers are more adept at adapting to different weather conditions.

Children who begin early will build a strong relationship with the sport because it’s something they’ve done since childhood. Additionally, younger players can benefit from an instructor that may not yet be exhausted by teaching the game over and over again to dozens of students every day. The benefits of learning after school include building stronger mental fortitude and good exercise discipline.

This program is recommended for children between ages 6-12. If your child is younger and wants to participate please contact us to discuss.  


  The weekend golf program will be starting again on Saturday 28th January 2023 will run for 6 weeks.

Classes will take place from 11:30pm to 12:30pm.


We will begin each session with a quick and exciting warm up. Fun games that incorporate stretching, cardiovascular fitness and coordination will be used to get set up for the group lesson ahead. It will also allow the children to get to know one another. 
Each week has a custom made program that will focus on a different element of the child’s golf practice.  

Progression from swinging the club, posture and technique to learning and understanding the basic rules of golf. 

Our principle is to keep things simple and fun so that each child enjoys their time with us. 


cost of the program

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT our after school and weekend programs?


Should Parents be present during the session?
We recommend to be there as Sergio and his team can’t offer any supervision while child needs to go to restrooms during the session.
Do my children need their own equipment to participate in the program?
All equipment will be provided if needed.
Will the programs be held during poor weather?
If a class needs to be canceled we will notify you via text 5hrs before.

What happens if I'm late to pick up my child
There is a grace period of 5 minutes after the end of each lesson. 

Sergio and his team will not be at liberty to supervise children who arrive early or stay late after a lesson as other individual clients are scheduled after. 

How many students are in each class?
Thr programs we have an 7:1 student to instructor ratio.
Who is coaching the Program
Sergio will be in charge of arranging and supervising delivery of the program. He will also have an assistant Pro accompanying him if there are sufficient numbers. All staff members are Garda Vetted.
Do you offer make up lessons?
The course runs for a finite number of weeks, so it is not possible to provide an extra lesson if a child misses one. 

On a case to case basis we may be able to accommodate your child on the alternative day to their normal lesson that week if something unexpected comes up. (eg switch Wednesday for Saturday). This is dependent on how many other children are participating.


Are all coaches garda vetting?
Yes all coaches are garda vetted.



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